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For this session, we want to create a space where people can publish content within the site, much like a blog. While we could use the core blog module, we will use the core Article content type, as it also provides a decent starting point for a simple, usable publsihing. It contains:

  • a Title,
  • a text field for the Body,
  • a taxonomy Term reference field to support categorization, and
  • an image field.

On an unmodified core install, the fields attached to an article can be viewed and edited at admin/structure/types/manage/article/fields

However, enabling the Image resize filter and Insert modules at admin/modules can improve this starting point. Once these modules are enabled, they need to be configured using the steps laid out below:

  • Adjust the input formats to include the image resize filter - admin/config/content/formats
  • Configure the insert settings on content types where you want to use insert functionality
  • Adjust display settings for images on the content types where you are using insert - if you are using Insert, you might want to switch off display for the actual field and just use inline display. For an unmodified core article content type, the path to access these settings is admin/structure/types/manage/article/display

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