Issue: I had created a vocabulary with taxonomy terms that had an Image field attached to them. I wanted to show the images in a view display instead of the terms.

Proposed Solution: Add a relationship to that display (you may have a number of choices that relate to taxonomy). Add the field that now appears in your field settings.

Failure: This works great if you have just one taxonomy term. However, if the taxonomy allows multiple values, then Views adds a row for each image, repeating the rest of the information in the display.

Workaround: Create a Views attachment that uses the relationship and the field and attach it to the other display that shows the rest of the information. Then style the attachment (via CSS) to place all of images on one line (and / or do whatever else to make it look right with the rest of the display).

You can see an example at Then choose one of the items presented on the timeline and you will see the full node view, which displays the images for the taxonomy terms. This same approach is used on many full node views on the site, not just for timeline pieces of content.

Keywords: Taxonomy, Images, Drupal 7, Views, displaying taxonomy images with Views, taxonomy_image


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Hi there. Thank you so much for your post, it was really helpful! I am new to the drupal community and I had a question .... I tried the instructions and ran into the exact failure you described here. When I attempted the workaround however, I was a bit lost. I was able to use the relationship and the field as before but the part that stumped me was "attach it to the other display that shows the rest of the information". The images for the taxonomy fields will be the only information displayed on that page so I was not sure what to attach it to... Also, after creating the attachment the only options for attachment are block or master. I'm assuming I'm supposed to select block, which I did but I was still experiencing the repetition failure. I'm guessing I just missed something so I was wondering if you could add some more detail to that portion to help me out. I did take a look at your website and that is the exact functionality I am trying to achieve. Thank you so much in advance for your help and your website looks awesome!


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If you use an inspector (such as Firebug) you will notice that I have, in fact, attached to a block. I am using the attach before. (I've actually attached it to more than one block.) So, it's not an issue of what you are trying to attach to. It seems like you need to clean something up in the definition of the attachment. At this point it's been over a year since I had done this and I can't remember all the details without spending more time to have a look at it. I'm inheriting Contextual filters (I have a contextual filter on the attachment) and have set a relationship. I'm displaying fields and I have the pager set to show 0 items.

You mention that there won't be anything else on the page, but you say that your only options are Master and Block. So, it doesn't seem like you have defined a page display in the view. In my case, I am placing a block on an actual page and am attaching the attachment to that block.

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I have a similar problem and I am trying to find a suitable solution.

I have taxonomy terms with one image per term. The terms can be selected from a node.
I want to have a view of nodes, with the correspondent images for each taxonomy term per node. So far I cannot achieve this. I have tried with a relationship with terms
used on node, but the view creates row per each image in taxonomy, thus duplicating the results. The query distinction settings, do not help here much :(

Did anyone have a similar situation,
and / or solution to it?

Thank you in advance,


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Only Taxonomy Image module helped me.