I have a node type of posts that belong to an organic group.
When one visits a post page, the breadcumb schould be: Home > Group Page Title

After adding a node breadcrumb, I tried several tokens like [node:group:gid] [node:group:etid] [node:group-group] [node:group:label], but they all are empty, when visit the 'post' page.

Any suggestions?


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Here's what worked for me:

Under 'Titles': [node:og-group-ref]

Under 'Paths': node/[node:og-group-ref:0:nid]

Note, the '0' (i.e. zero) in the path is the 'delta' which I finally figured out (boy, is this confusing!) -- thanks to this hint: http://drupal.org/node/1088538#comment-6380578

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#1 worked for me - thanks!!

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hmm.. coulda swore it worked.. but doesnt seem to anymore. took out the :0 and its fine.