Having used Drupal for years, I have always found it a more than a little inaccessible. Install one Wordpress CMS and you'll get a good comparison. But I thought I'd try this whiz-bang Open Enterprise thing to put me straight. After all, the purposes of a Distribution is to make things A) easier and B) less irritating.

Open Enterprise is neither.

I tried to install it on my WAMP localhost. You know what happened. I hit the FTP issues and crapped out. I tried installing it without the apps, only to hit FTP errors after installation. So I installed it on my server -
Fatal error: Allowed memory size of 67108864 bytes exhausted (tried to allocate 1027537 bytes) in /home/content/b/r/e/brenus/html/~test/openenter7/profiles/openenterprise/modules/features/features.export.inc on line 494
I finally installed it without ANY enhancements, got it running, installed images and rotating banner, added 3 nodes for the banner... and nothing. No banner. No place. No clue about what to do next because there's very few available options and no documentation.
THIS is why Wordpress (bad as its organization and documentation can be) will run Drupal into the dust. And you can't say, "RTFM" on this because there is no F-ing manual. And you can't say "then go and do better" because "why bother?"
Why after all your work do you refrain from developing a Distribution that works in localhost when we're told not to develop in a production environment? Why refrain from providing ANY relevant installation information? Don't you WANT people to use your project?


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Couln't have said it better myself!
I thought the distribution packages were supposed to be a little like a turnkey project. Well maybe it was my mistake to believe that, for I know now that it certainly doesn't work that way :-(

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Why oh why did I waste my time? Real Drupal is a lot easier to install and use than this thing. Why? Documentation and a support community. Drupal may not have the best documentation, but it's all out there--answers to 99.9% of questions you can come up with can be found with a a bit of searching and/or asking. Compare it with this open enterprise which in two years, has managed nothing more than a stingy page of very incomplete instructions, a flashy youtube video advert, and 301 actual installs, most of which are probably their own paid installs.

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Many distros are meant to be difficult. Creates business for the company.