A formatting bar (like here in the issue editor) for (Extensible) BBCode (tags) would be great!

Anything like this planned or even already possible to integrate?


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I'm also wondering about this...

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I would love a bar that would replace the current wysiwyg bar, or a way to change the bar to use bbcode rather than html.

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That would be a cool feature indeed. I'm afraid I don't currently have the UI/Javascript expertise to make something like that. If someone were to develop this it would definitely be considered for integration.

(Note that it would have to be shown only when a text format with xbbcode is selected. It might be feasible to add it to the filter tips, but that would look a little weird compared to the nice clean formatting bar here on d.o.)

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Status: Active » Fixed

You can use BUEditor, which is the same editor used in the comment box here. It already comes with a BBCode setup, you just need to configure it as the default toolbar instead of the html one.

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Status: Fixed » Active

buedit does support custom tags, but it doesn't appear to have an API to install them automatically through the hook system instead of having to create them in a form. Until it does, there is no way to get the two modules to work together cleanly.

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Sounds like you will be making a lot of work for yourself trying to implement a toolbar via a hook, especially seeing as you can make custom bb-filters, who will setup the necessary code for those toolbars?!

Bueditor must be saving its buttons/toolbars in the database somewhere. Perhaps setup a button/function to inject all the selected bbcode filters into a bue toolbar (via the database), with the option to add/replace/delete all existing buttons in said toolbar.

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Title: formatting bar » Add API for adding more BBCode tags / XBBCode integration
Project: Extensible BBCode » BUEditor
Version: 7.x-1.3 » 7.x-1.x-dev
Issue summary: View changes

Moving this to the BUEditor module, as basically you want a way to extend the list of BBCode tags and/or add direct integration for XBBCode's custom & additional tags.