I was just testing this out because I wanted it to look correct on a mobile browser. When I resize Firefox (make it smaller), the header goes from purple to blue. This happens whether I just use the default or a sub theme and whether or not I set custom colors or use the default colors. It does seem to work on IE. My test site is https://staff.washington.edu/anyal/drupal7/. I have the latest Firefox.


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Hmm, it shouldn't be blue but purple, since that is the main color in the header. I will check what is going on here.

Can you tell me which option in the color settings uses #0003e1

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The same I've seen in the 3.x-RC6 version.

On my page jumps the header color from red / black to green by resize the site.

Looks here -> http://vdssl.onpw.de

Normal is my color settings:

Header Top color : #050505

Header Bottom color : #f74412

The same result in Firefox and Internet Explorer others i have not teset.

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I have the same issue. If you visit the site www.microworldafrica.com open it on iPhone or resize your browser. You will see header color changes from silver to brown.
Please help.