Just want to know if there are any ways to add lines into the HEAD tags () of any page in Drupal 4.0 or 4.5 from the admin panel, for example to add Google Analitycs code, metatags, etc.?


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Not directly, there may be modules but on such an old version of Drupal maybe not. You might want to consider upgrading the site

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Thanks for the response. If I ask our web developer to upgrade is it a time consuming, lengthy process and does it visually effect the front end of the site? I know this a vague question, just want an idea. Thanks in advance.

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Time to upgrade depends on the features/functionality and any custom code.

If your site is pre 4.7 you first need to upgrade to it, then to the latest version of Drupal 5, then repeat for Drupal 6 and I would suggest to Drupal 7.

An alternative approach is to make a "new" site and migrate the data over.

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You can add meta tags like google analytics by editing your active theme's page.tpl.php page. Locate the <head></head> section and apply your edit. Just make sure you make a backup of the "page.tpl.php" page (in case you make a mistake). Make sure you use a text editor (not a word processor like MS Word).

Personally, I always make and then test any changes on a local installation (installed and running on my local machine) first.

I know that's not "through the Admin Panel", however it will get it done :)

Hope that helps :)
Good Luck

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Thanks for the great response!

Next Question:

This is the mobile redirect script I want to implement in the header -


Our drupal site has a unique structure. The site was created specifically to display content from a drupal CMS to a Flash framework via an XML bridge between the two.

I am afraid the flash framework will override the script. What are your thoughts? Thanks.