When building a view, the image option under "Channel elements: core" states the following:

Path to the image to be used as the artwork for your feed, for example sites/default/files/AllAboutEverything.jpg. Allowed image formats are GIF, JPEG or PNG. Maximum image width is 144 pixels, maximum height 400 pixels.

If I enter an image path of "sites/default/files/AllAboutEverything.jpg" and view the RSS XML, I see the following (tags replaced with brackets for ease of reading):


If I then run the RSS feed through the W3C Validator Service (http://validator.w3.org/appc/) I get the following error message:


This feed does not validate.
line 9, column 101: url must be a full and valid URL: /sites/default/files/AllAboutEverything.jpg [help]
... efault/files/AllAboutEverything.jpg[/url]

So it seems like it needs to be a full path URL, but does not render as such. If I enter the full path URL into the field, it renders with a slash in front.


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Ok now I think I see the issue. The file needs to be located in "sites/default/files" or else it will not resolve correctly. I was attempting to reference the image in a theme directory and it would never render the right URL. Either the field should be made more flexible to handle images anywhere, or the form field description should be updated to provide more details.

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Status: Active » Fixed

Fixed in the most recent version of dev branch, just pushed to d.o.

Status: Fixed » Closed (fixed)

Automatically closed -- issue fixed for 2 weeks with no activity.