I love this module! It is very easy to insert an image in my ckeditor. Thanks!

But when I add more imagefields to a contenttype. Only the first imagefield gets the Insert button next to it.
All other imagefields do not have the insert button.

Is this wanted behaviour please? I made this a bugreport because I think it should be added to each imagefield, right?

Thanks in advance for going into this!
Greetings, Martijn

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I can't reproduce this issue. Obviously you have to upload a file before the Insert button appears next to the file name, and you have to enable the Insert button on each individual field, assuming they're separate individual field configurations.

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Status: Postponed (maintainer needs more info) » Active

I as well have run into this problem. To describe it in more detail, the first image field I added to the content type was named "Title Image". The second image field I created was called "Embedded image"

Unfortunately, only the one image field I created allowed the insert command. To make it work, I had to swap the names of the fields as you see now. Screenshot attached.

Also, if this helps, I created the first image field before I installed this module. I tried uninstalling and reinstalling, but to no luck. Also the machine name for the image field that does work with insert is called "field_image".

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attached screenshot

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Does somebody found a fix for this isssue?
thank you for your help.

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Just inserting the screenshot from #3:

Insert only inserting first image

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Hi Frank Ralf, I mentioned above a change you may need to make (sorry if this is unhelpful), but you may have enabled Insert on the "Embedded Images" field but not on the "Title Images" field. If I were a developer who made your site, I wouldn't have expected that Title Images would need to be displayed inline, so I wouldn't have enabled the Insert button on them. Go to Structure -> Content Types -> (Find your content type) Manage Fields -> (Find row Edit link) Title Images -> Check that Insert is enabled in the collapsed fieldset for Insert.

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