I attached my feed importer to a content type.
The content type has an addiotional reference field.

I want to populate the value of my source content type to the reference field in my feed target.

With feeds tamper, I can set a default value, but this is always the same on all feeds.
I need to copy the value of the content type reference field to my feed target reference field.

Need some help here. I did not get it after some hours.

thx for help.

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What is your fetcher? File, HTTP or something else? If the source data exists and the target field exists you should be able to get the information imported. Also what Tamper plugins did you try?

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I have the same problem.
I have a feed importer "attached to" a content type, so with a only feed importer I can have more feed-url with the same structure for the import.
In the content type I have the feed-url and some other fields.
I would like to use the value of the fields (that are in the node with the feeds-url that I use for importing) for modify data in Feeds Tamper.
Is it possible?

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I have done a new Tamper plugins for my site.
Could it be usefull?

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The patch from praandy works great !, it's so simple to implement and use thanks !
I wonder why not put it in as a standard option?

I also would like to use the nodes language_code for the feed_item creation,, how should one do that?


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As a practical workaround I added another field Language to the Feed node. Used that one to set the language of the feed_item created.

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I was going to use the same solution LeoVe did but couldn't get it to work and after a long time debugging it I discovered that if you are using the Feeds Self Node Processor you need to remove the
if (empty($feed_node))
line otherwise it does weird things.
Thanks to praady for this, only wish I would have found it a year earlier.