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Last updated: June 21, 2012 - 22:17

Release notes

Issue #1537084 by mototribe: Added Option to pull vimeo thumbnail after video has finished processing.
Fixed trailing whitespace errors throughout
Issue #1520100 by wbobeirne | mototribe: Added support youtube playlists.
Issue #1620944 by jdelaune: Added iv_load_policy() support for YouTube.
Prevent hash content from messing up the id in facebook
Support responsive designs by allowing percentage based widths and heights
Added params for compatibility
Added facebook integration as submodule (hopefully will help as example of handler implementation)
Fixed error message when adding new handlers while there are styles in the database
Issue #1538292 by forssto: Fixed Image style check to "none" fails in field formatter.
Removed dpm
Issue #1312906 by jdelaune | kervi: Added additional data fields. (cleanup of youtube data)
Issue #1312906 by jdelaune | kervi: Added additional data fields.
Issue #1515178 by pjcdawkins: Fixed Video Embed Field breaks HTTPS pages.
Updated documentation for providing additional handlers
Removed tabs, replaced with 2 spaces.
Removed unnecessary lookup of basepath
Issue #1504702 by laraz: Fixed Warning: file_get_contents() .
Added webkitAllowFullScreen mozallowfullscreen to vimeo embeds as they use those settings in their default embedding settings.
#1498882 - Added additional vimeo options.
Issue #1491470 by wbobeirne | JordiTR: Fixed Undefined index: image_link().
Cleanup of field summary and #1349834: In views add option to link thumbnail to the node page - support path aliases

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