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only directory without prefix like 'test4' can be created successfully.

modify the directory to '/opt/ftp/test4' on editing container is also successful.

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This may be a problem with the FTP server software.

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I'm using vsftpd under ubuntu

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Is this something that needs fixed - or should it just say that it needs to be a relative directory?

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It only fails on new create, it works on editing - change the path to a absolute path already existed.

I temporarily solve this by input a path like 'test', then modify it to '/opt/ftp'.

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Yes - it tries to enter each sub-directory, creating it if necessary. This does not work if it cannot enter a lower sub-directory, even if it can enter a higher one. This needs to be fixed.

An easier way to work around this might be to try the 'already exists' setting when creating a container.

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Sounds good, uses should be used to setup ftp directory already, then just input settings in drupal.

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I ran into this as well. I had to state the full path of the directory which needed to be created.
Why not add an input field where you can set the path to the directory (for instance 'directory path' or something) ?
This would mean you need to add this for example in the private function CreateDirectoryRecursive before creating it. So there's a bit more clarity while providing the ftp settings.


I don't know, just thinking out loud ;)

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