I'm trying out this module as I need custom H1 tags and custom page titles for taxonomy term pages.

I have used the views taxonomy term view to override the default drupal taxonomy/term/ pages. In the view I have 3 fields, node title, node body and a custom link field which shows nodes in that specific term.

I installed this module and I see the new field in the term edit pages. The text I put the Title (page heading) field in shows in the Page Title of the taxonomy term pages, but does not show a heading at the top? Die I need to add a specific field in the view in order for it to show?

How else could I get a custom H1 tag to show on the taxonomy/term pages?



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Ok I got this to work finally, it wasn't working because I don't print the $title variable in page.tpl.php.

incase anyone has similar issue, this is how I did it:

1. Made a copy of page.tpl.php and renamed it to page-taxonomy.tpl.php
2. In page-taxonomy.tpl.php I printed out the title variable:

print $title;

3. Clear Cache.
Thanks for the module!

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