Can please someone shine some light on this? I try to create a block with last visited nodes for anonymous users. Pages are cached. No matter what setup I try, It doesn't work for me.

I use flag 6x-2beta6 , session API 6.x-1.x-dev, Rules module, views module
Create flag - global flag unchecked, flag access -anonymous users checked.
Create rule - content page is going to be viewed, 1st action unflag node, 2nd action flag node
Create views- add relationship flag node, by current user
(I followed this article - http://jan.tomka.name/blog/list-recently-viewed-nodes-drupal)

I created a block with ajax , so it can work on cached pages also.
When page cache is turned off, everything works perfectly. After I turn it on - no cached node is added to my block.

Where shoud be the problem? Thank you very much for help.


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nobody has experienced this issue?

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