For a view with no ajax, the destination for the node edit and node delete links is wrong. The results vary based on the nodes but here is an example: . the destination in this case should have been node/1789 (which is what $_GET['q' returns]).


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I think I've come across the same problem on views 6.x-3.0. What is happening is that in the render_link member function is doing:

      $this->options['alter']['query'] = drupal_get_destination();

drupal_get_destination is returning a value like node%2F141%2Froster (aka node/141/roster)

What I'm actually seeing in the view is nodeMinnesotaF141MinnesotaFroster. What its actually done is replace %2 with the value of my 2nd argument to the view!

as an ugly test/workaround, I replaced the code above with
$this->options['alter']['query'] = url_decode(drupal_get_destination());

and it appears to function correctly even the query string isn't url encoded in the html source.