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Last updated: June 18, 2012 - 01:26

Release notes

I have decided to release an RC3 due to several large features that have been committed since RC2. In particular the feature to allow for removing and moving blocks and regions in mobile devices.

This release will also fix many small bugs in RC2 such as the undefined variables for attributes you may be getting in some subthemes (these new attribute arrays were added after RC2 shipped).

Due to time constraints I cannot write a full commit log here, please refer to the log:

New features have been added:

- aforementioned feature to move blocks and region in mobile, requires the Browscap module
- taxonomy term template converted to HTML5
- some new options for breadcrumbs
- Standard layout added to the panels/gpanels layout settings
- configurable path to generated files (useful if you are using version control)
- drush command added, generate a subtheme using "drush adaptivetheme"
- regex relative paths in generated stylesheets to maintain paths to images and assets called in CSS files

Other than bug fixes and minor updates such as improving the documentation etc (string changes), we can call this done.

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