When logged in as the site administrator, and attempting to add a new user with a known valid email address, I get the following error

Email host lycos.com does not seem valid, it does not answer

I had to disable the Email Verify module in order to add this user.

Is there a configuration setting that I missed in setting up this module or is this a bug?


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Priority: Normal » Critical

Issue is preventing the use of the Email Verify module, therefore the issue is being promoted from Normal to Critical.

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Can this post on Yahoo help?


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same probleme (not every times) with gmail or even an account with ovh. So sometimes it's impossible to create an account or to save informations when ou edit a profile. The module is a good idea but i think not usable in a live site.

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Status: Active » Closed (won't fix)

It seems that 5.x is no longer supported.