Here is what I'm using:

- Drupal 7.14 (Freshed one)
- View 7.x-3.3
- Advanced Forum 7.x-2.0

Steps to reproduce the problem:
1. Home » Administration » Structure » Forums
2. Add Forum (say, forum/1)
3. Home » Administration » Structure » Views
4. Clone advanced_forum_active_topics to "test forum"
5. Edit "test forum"
6. In Page Settings, change path to "forum/1"
7. Save
8. Go to the forum/1, then couldn't find "The New Topic" Link to create a content for the forum.

Expecting the link or button to create a topic, but it is not shown up.

Is this known bug, or I missed something to show the button in the view?

Any help would be great.



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Status: Active » Postponed (maintainer needs more info)

Assuming you mean "path/1" in #8, that's expected behavior. The view is just a list of topics and doesn't contain the other forum bits. If you actually mean that the button disappears from the original forum when you create a view on a different path, then I have no idea as I can't fathom how that could possibly happen.

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#6 was "path/1", but it was not meant by it. I've modified as "forum/1". Sorry for confusing you.

However, if a view is showing just a list of topics and doesn't contain the other forum bits, what should I do for it?

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Sorry, I missed your response. Are you still needing help with this?

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I know this topic is nearly a year old - but I have the same problem..

Where do I find the view or widget which shows the add new topic button and mark all topics read and search etc?

and the forum tasks sort dropdown and legend?

I can't seem to find these in views - are they available to me somewhere?

I suppose I basically want to get the same look and functionality as the main forum pages but in a block..



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Issue summary: View changes

[Modified #6 from "path/1" to "forum/1"]