With "Force this region to be rendered" UNchecked, the region is still renendered when logged in. But when you log out the region is not rendered.

Just a small bug, but would be handy if the region wan't rendered when logged in.



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Component: Code » User interface
Category: bug » support

Check to make sure your debug blocks are turned off. Having your debug blocks off will cause a region to render even if no content is in it. My guess is this is the case here as debugging is normally not on for anonymous users.

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Hi Cellar, I get that part, but even if you want the block to render when there is nothing in it, it does not work, it just collapses, please advice

thank you

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I'm having this exact same problem.

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I am having this problem as well.

For the general theme settings I have forced the first footer to be rendered.

For contextual themes i notice this is not set to i have set it again for "shipping" content
(My context is set to the path shipping/*) I wasn't surprised actually but puzzled since I have set my templates to only override overridden values.

However at myaddress.com/shipping/international-shippers and myaddress.com/shipping
the first footer is not rendered when empty....

edit: this happens when logged in or out...

Any ideas?

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Status: Active » Closed (works as designed)

By default the theme is not going to render a region if there is no blocks in it. You have to make sure that the "force this region" is selected in the settings (and any deltas as well) for it to show without any blocks. If you're running into issues with the region showing but there aren't any blocks in it and the force render isn't on make sure to turn off debug blocks entirely (just turning them off on the side of the screen doesn't stop the region from rendering).

I'm going to close this issue out as the original issue was the region showing when not wanting to and no feedback from the original poster.

If you're still experiencing the region rendering or not rendering make sure to check your subtheme settings (and all deltas) to ensure that you have the settings as you want.