Got to talking about fieldsets & complex related fields in the A11ySprint. One of the best ways to deal with complex groups of fields is to consolidate them. So, say phone numbers are often done with 3 separate input fields.

Noticed today another set of input forms that should be joined by a fieldset. The Maximum image resolution description has a Maximum width & Maximum height input for the pixels. This either needs a fieldset or could simply be reduced to a single input form.

There are other examples like this where validation and structure should be done on the server side, but not with separate input fields. If we need to resort to different input fields we need to have fieldsets for them.


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I do think there's a lot to be gained by doing this, but a few forms would need to be re-factored and it would need to be part of a larger UX pattern.

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Title: Simplify complex form elements where possible » [meta] Simplify complex form elements where possible
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