The plugin from does stuff like this:

      container_div = $("
", { id: this.container_id, "class": "chzn-container" + (this.is_rtl ? ' chzn-rtl' : ''), style: 'width: ' + this.f_width + 'px;' });

Before jQuery 1.4 we can't pass in that object of attributes, and so the resulting html is simply "

" and later attempts to find the id fail.

Also all calls to .first() fail.

This causes the plugin to fail loading and the behavior to be broken.

The drush makefile will retrieve the main version but I think there must be a fork of the plugin to fix it for pre-1.4 jQuery. Even jquery_update's 1.3.2 isn't recent enough.


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Status: Active » Closed (won't fix)

The drupal 6 Version of this module is no longer supported. Chosen needs version 1.6 or higher meanwhile, so I don't believe you come around including a higher jquery version manually in your theme of instance.