Hello, I am administering a company website that is utilizing this fantastic module. However I'm running into a pretty major issue. Our albums show pictures of items we are selling on our retail lot, and therefore need to be updated. Whether it's pictures being deleted or added this needs to be done on a fairly regular basis.

The problem i'm running into is that I can't figure out how to force Brilliant Gallery to stop using the cached versions of the picasa albums and go and grab the new edited versions.

I have tried to force expire the albums by setting the expire number to 0 days, then run a Cron to delete them. Then I empty the Drupal cache, and turn the modul off and on. But then I just end up with blank albums.

So now my albums are black with broken image icons in them. When I mouse over it shows that it is looking for the picture in the brilliant_gallery_temp folder that is currently empty!

Is there an easy way to force the module to forget the cached versions and just go grab the picasa album again?


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Title: Albums not updating from Picasa » How to force BG to get refresh the Picasa album instead of using the cached version
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So I have now tried deleting the brilliant_gallery_temp contents completely. The albums are still looking in that folder for the cached images (Which now truly do not exist any more) rather than fetching the album from Picasa again, and so they all have broken image icons instead of thumbnails.

There needs to be an way to force the Module to refresh the albums from Picasa...

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I am experiencing the same issue with the 6.x-4.1 version of the module. If anyone comes up with a workaround I would love to hear it.

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I did finally figure it out for 7.x

1. Go to BG Config and set the expiry days to 0
- Save Settings

2. Run a Cron

3. Go back into BG Settings and change your Cache folder to something different (I just use the same thing with a _2 on the end)
Also change the expiry days back to whatever you want (I use 365 so I have manual control)
- Save Settings

4. Disable BG Module

5. Go into Drupal Performance config and clear all caches

6. Go into your FTP server and then under your /sites folder delete the original BG cache folder (The one without a _2)

7. Re enable the BG module

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Here was my work-around in D6 that I just tested on a couple of sites and seems to work well:

1.) Empty your brilliant_gallery_temp folder. I moved all the files to a bg_backup folder in case things went wrong.
2.) Delete all records in the brilliant_gallery_image_arrays table. Again I exported the table first in case things went wrong.
3.) Flush all caches and reload the gallery page.

Worked fine for me on 2 sites so far and it's pretty easy to undo if something goes wrong.

Shownder, It looks like the D7 solution may be the same but you are emptying the table by removing and re-adding the module.