Couple of questions:

(1) If ga_login is enabled for a user, iiuc, it's required. What happens if the Google service site is unavailable? Can I still somehow login?

(2) Can I enable ga_login only for certain users/roles? E.g., 'normal' users can login to their accounts with just the usual password, but "admin role" users also have to, or instead, provide the GA code?



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not for the moment,but i see what can be done. If you can add this your self I'm more than happy to review any patches.

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(1) Once the ga_login code is generated for that user, the google service is no longer required. So yes, your user will still be able to log on.

(2) There are now per-role permissions in the latest dev version

This module now supports both QR Codes and Mobile Codes, although we recommend using Mobile Codes, because it has more flexibility (there is a default preset for Mobile Codes which can be altered to your need: different providers and adjustable options per provider)

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