Hmm. I'm trying to configure the field widget to use a view, but the second argument is not passed to the view.

I want to use this to select advertisements based on their orientation (square, wide, tall). I have a field that needs to pass the arguments "square,tall", but the autocomplete is only showing me the square advertisements. If I reverse the arguments to "tall,square" it shows me the tall ads.

The problem appears to be that the widget arguments field is adding a space after each comma on save - "square, tall". This does not work when used in the Views preview UI either.

Latest dev.


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Title: Autocomplete widget views filter does not receive more than one argument » Allow views select widget to pass multi-value arguments

Arrrgh, slapping my forehead ... I actually need a single argument that allows multiple values, ie "a,b,c", not a/b/c. It was a very late night.

So, changing the title ... can the widget please use an argument delimiter that is not also used to delimit argument values by views contextual filters?


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I confirm
single value argument works inputting more values does not

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I was looking for the same. Made the small changes to EntityReference_SelectionHandler_Views.class.php.
Now you can pass argument just like 1,2,3 (AND) and 1+2+3(OR).

#line 54 
$default = !empty($view_settings['args']) ? implode(', ', $view_settings['args']) : '';
$default = !empty($view_settings['args']) ? implode(';', $view_settings['args']) : '';
#line 60
'#description' => t('Provide a comma separated list of arguments to pass to the view.'),
'#description' => t('Provide a list of arguments to pass to the view seperated by semicolon.'),
#line 188
$args = array_map('trim', explode(',', $args_string));
$args = array_map('trim', explode(';', $args_string));

Feature Request:
If view is configured to filter based on taxonomy,node or anything else, then view argument should be autocomplete widget that should pass respective data(s) as filter.

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Well, yeah, but looking at this again, I wonder why this shouldn't simply be using the views native delimiter - a forward-slash. So you'd enter multiple arguments exactly as you would in a path or views preview: arg1/arg2/3,4,5/51+64.

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I came across this problem while using "Content: Type" as a contextual filter.

Except it turns out, if your contextual filter is a string, it completely ignores the difference between '+' and ','.
It will end up as either '=' or 'IN' based on the number of them.

So, when I tried to do 'event,article,blog' and had it being split into 3 arguments, I only needed to use 'event+article+blog' and it worked fine.