I am having an issue where Colorbox does not work with Omega. I have set up a basic imagefield and set it to display as colorbox. When I click on the image, Colorbox either starts to open with the spinner icon or opens part way or opens fully but with no image.

If I inspect the web page with Chrome web inspector, I see in Console there is an error: Error: cboxElement missing settings object jquery.colorbox.js:168

The reason I am opening this against Omega is that the same page works perfectly fine with Bartik or Garland. And to make sure it was not some issue with my Omega sub-theme, I temporarily set Omega Alpha to the default and again, Colorbox choked. I tried various incarnations of the Colorbox module as well as the latest Colorbox Library.

I am not really sure even to begin where to debug this or what to try. Thanks.


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i would say some js files of omega interfere. try disabling the js stuff via the ui, formalize, equal height...test again.

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@e-anima - Thanks, I just tried that but that's not the culprit and I wouldn't think it would be anyway. I could see if I were using another javascript framework / library and there was a conflict but Colorbox is built with JQuery.

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My problem is when I try to render de content section in side of colorbox-iframe.

I'm printing all the ommega with out header and footer section why is not responsive ????

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Hmmm... Interesting. I've used colorbox on multiple sites without any issues. Also have loaded pages and content inside without issue as well. You can still have some issues with conflicting js though... Any custom js you're using on the site? Also what are your settings on the colorbox admin page?

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I already tried debugging with completely disabling any custom JS but that did not solve the issue. As I mentioned I tried the same Colorbox with Bartik and it worked fine. I had to move on to using another module (Shadowbox worked fine for me) so I do not have this setup anymore. If I get some time down the road, I may try this combo again but for now I don't have the time to stop and rework it. Thanks :)

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I just had some time to re-test this and updating to the latest versions of the Colorbox Module and the Colorbox Library fixed it.

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