Hey Drupalistas, I'm managing a project to move this website to Drupal: www.ippc.int more functionality will be added there on. Counting on support and ideas from you guys. Thanks Pierre.


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create your content types and fields and taxonomy term references, roles etc..make sure that the content type fields are final before starting any migration effort. i find that when you correct this mid-course you will waste a lot of effort trying to migrate data to a content type where fields keep changing (i.e if you have a currency field, make sure it's decimal and not integer - almost jeopardized a deadline because i overlooked this kind of issue.) migrate all users before migrating any data esp. if the data is related to a specific user. also make sure if the content has assets, that you save the assets where you are doing the migration (especially if you large assets live videos or mp3 etc.)

when you have a real life data it makes it easier to build your functionalities around them.