I'm just now testing your module out and trying to wrap my head around the workflow with regards to Image Styles, suffixes, etc.

I've found that when I create a base Image Style, we'll say "thumbnail", after I've created 5 suffixes in resp_img, I then use the /admin/config/media/resp_img/create_style "Add responsive style" automator to clone the "thumbnail" style, but find that only the largest suffix receives the cloned Effects set up in Image Styles for "thumbnail" and all the other suffixes Image Styles created by the automator have no Effects in Image Styles. Also, the original "thumbnail" Image Style now no longer has any Effects listed under it's settings either.

Is this normal? Honestly I haven't gotten to testing it out but it seems odd that it would steal Effects and only display Effects on the largest suffix Image Style. I expected it to firstly, not mess with the Effects for "thumbnail" at all, as it states it will "clone" that Style, and secondly I'd expect it to clone the same style into every suffix Style to make it faster to then alter any scaling Effect or other Effect needed for a particular suffix.

I realize this feature/functionality was just added recently but before I go and take the time to do this for 20+ Image Styles where I'm guessing I'll have to duplicate styles (and replace those styles in the original Styles since they're deleted) for 5 suffixes making at least 100+ Image Styles and days of work, I just wanted to make sure that there wasn't some kind of hidden coding Effects in those Image Styles created by the Add Responsive Style tab/page form. I'm thinking not since they don't show up in the Effects list nor would it make sense to not be able to touch/alter those Effects (or add what I think should be there from the "cloning") since that wouldn't allow customization of size, etc. for each suffix version of a Style.

Any advice or documentation/tutorials that might shed some light on this process? I also gather from another issue related to "colorbox size" that I should select the smallest version when choosing a style and I guess that the resp_img module will automatically replace it with a larger suffix Image Style if the window is larger? FYI, there really isn't anything anywhere that tells a developer which Image Style should be chosen and what the module does from that point to use the other suffix versions. This would be helpful since it is a departure from the tried and true imagecache/Image Styles method of only being able to choose one style in most module's dropdowns/UI's. The tutorials in the README.txt and on the project page help lay things out but with this automator things got a little hazy when the produced Image Styles didn't end up with any Effects yet had their sample images that looked like stretched versions of the original Image Style "thumbnail"'s sample image, leading one to think some effect was stretching/scaling them but not being listed.

Though it may not have much to do with my question/issue, these are the Suffixes that I'm using, from smallest to largest in order to match-up with AdaptiveTheme's breakpoints:

  1. Phone Portrait (-phone_portrait)
  2. Phone Landscape (-phone_landscape)
  3. Tablet Portrait (-tablet_portrait)
  4. Tablet Landscape (-tablet_landscape)
  5. Standard (-standard) [*]

These are the Image Styles after the automation:

  1. thumbnail-responsive-phone_portrait
  2. thumbnail-responsive-phone_landscape
  3. thumbnail-responsive-tablet_portrait
  4. thumbnail-responsive-tablet_landscape

These are the Image Styles Effects that were removed from the original Image Style "thumbnail" and cloned to "thumbnail-responsive-standard":

  • Change file format Convert to: png
  • Focus Scale And Crop 64x64 medium strength
  • Rounded Corners

Thanks for your time and any help! I'll probably go ahead and start duplicating Effects in the suffix Image Styles just to keep development moving forward but any insight would be appreciated as I'm not sure if it's a bug or I'm not understanding how the systems work together. If I can get this working together with AdaptiveTheme it'll allow me to create responsive images that I need that are not full window width as quite a few other modules allow (but I can't image anyone not needing both at some point).


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Thanks for a clear description, to answer your question: no it's not normal, it should make exact duplicates, will try to have a look at it.

For the moment documentation is sparse, but in short you always select the 'default' suffix and the 'default' should map to your mobile style (mobile first responsive idea)

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I've been adding back in some effects to the automatically-created image styles and found that on the edit page for an image style created by the automator, and found that the sample images are still stuck on the original source size. Example: source is 16x16, cloned suffix style is then set to be 11x11 and saved. When viewing the preview image on the style edit page it looks correct except when you click the "view actual size" link or right-click on the sample image and choose "View Image in New Window". I fully flushed cache twice in a row to make sure and still something's off in regards to the actual sample image (unless the resp_img module is defaulting direct image links to the largest or what fits the display as I'm on a full, wide browser/'puter now).

Soooo, just to keep myself from going absolutely nuts, I'm going to bypass the automator for now.

There shouldn't be any difference in an image style created by Image Styles as long as it has the correct suffix correct, nothing hidden behind the scenes?

Thanks for the clarification on what style to choose as the default in dropdowns, can't wait to see this all in action. FYI, I appreciate that the resp_img module is open-thinking in terms of how many breakpoints/sizes there should be as many others only take into account 4 sizes and I greatly appreciate the retina display multiplier, soooo glad that's an "easy" accommodation as that would make all this a nightmare, doubling everything (then somebody would make an even more detailed display and then it'd triple efforts, ugh, things could easily start getting ugly and painfully repetitive).

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Status: Active » Fixed

Fixed in the latest dev. I forgot to unset some ids, so effects were moved from one style to an other and not cloned...

Status: Fixed » Closed (fixed)

Automatically closed -- issue fixed for 2 weeks with no activity.