I developed a site with Drupal 7 and migrated it to live server. i.e. FTP all the files, imported database and changed the settings.php file also. My previous url was http://localhost/illl
now the url has been changed. The site at new url is showing home page perfectly but other links and pages are not working. Plz help me to resolve this problem....


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You do not mention whether you followed the documentation? I have answered this question so many times, most of the questioners have ignored the documentation http://drupal.org/node/776864 but I am probably being unfair in this case.

It is true that the documentation should be easier to find, for those who want to use it.

If you strongly prefer the quick solution to reading the correct method of moving a site :-/, here it is: install drush on your server, log in to the server via command line, and run:
drush cc
drush cron

That should get your site working, provided you have not set a base url in your settings.php file.

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 drush vset clean_url 0 --yes

next time set clean links before exported the site! read the migration manual from drupal.org (:

this solved me allot of hours (: