Dear Drupal users,
I'm looking for manuals in pfd Form. Whare can I find These.
The reason : my eyes are so bad that reading from screen is problematic. After 10-15 minutes continius reading I have to stop for a while. Reading from papers is much easyer and would be a verry great help.

Manny Thanks



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It doesn't exist. Your best alternative is to buy one of the Drupal books, Pro Drupal Development currently being the best.

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"Pro Drupal Development" is just a complement. You can't have full reference like "php phrasebook" or "php cookbook" with this book. If you looking for a function explanation, you wouldn't find here.

So, the best reference is still from site (specific page:

Maybe we should asking people to make an offline manual project in CHM format like they do for PHP CHM Manual.

This will be very helpfull for developer. I hope :).

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I needed to do this a few weeks ago when was down for a while. You can find PDFs that are generated daily at

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Hey Christefano,

100.000 Times Thanks


Now i can start reading and studiïng

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hey christefanø,

100.001 times thanks for your ebooks.
It's very helpful.


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... Djun Kim runs and deserves your thanks more than I do.

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I need that too so I can read somewhere with flower and bees instead of sticking to this screen 24-7.

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It is ridiculous that the guides are unavailable in a printable format - the online documentation, though comprehensive, is extremely laborious to sift through and most developers need a fast reference which is only practical if you have it printed off.

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I wan't manual drupal....Pls...

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I'ts very important for me

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Don't you think the site building guide would be helpful to you?

You can find it here: if you feel like having it.

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Hi all, I am very new to drupal. I have just started learning drupal 7. so please guide me which would be the best book/online tutorials/video tut. for me.