I have quite a few content types,

Serviceability New England
Serviceability CT
Serviceability VA

and so on

Same with forms

Is there a way to theme the Add Content page so it looks like this ..

Add content


Customer Service -- Connecticut
Add content to the Connecticut customer service area.
Customer Service -- Maryland
Add content to the Maryland customer service area.
Customer Service -- Mississippi
Add content to the Mississippi customer service area.
Customer Service -- New England
Add content to the New England customer service area.
Customer Service -- Pennsylvania
Add content to the Pennsylvania customer service area.
Customer Service -- South Carolina
Add content to the South Carolina customer service area.
Customer Service -- Virginia
Add content to the Virginia customer service area.


Serviceability -- Connecticut
Add information to the Connecticut serviceability area.
Serviceability -- Maryland
Add information to the Maryland serviceability area.
Serviceability -- Mississippi
Add information to the Mississippi serviceability area.
Serviceability -- New England
Add information to the New England serviceability area.
Serviceability -- Pennsylvania
Add information to the Pennsylvania serviceability area.
Serviceability -- South Carolina
Add information to the South Carolina serviceability area.
Serviceability -- Virginia
Add information to the Virginia serviceability area.


and so on. What's the best way to this .. I just need the list to look more organized ..


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Any update on this, it would be very helpful

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Anybody, some help on this would be great ..please ..

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There is a drupal core theme function you can override called theme_node_add_list().

So all you have to do is take that whole function and put it in your template.php file, then rename it based on your theme name, for example:

function danland_node_add_list($variables) {

then clear your drupal cache.

Then modify the function to change the output to match your requirements.

Marking this as fixed but reopen it if you have further questions.

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