Hello Dave,
I know that normally you have to run the links thru the l() function or create a menu callback in order for the auto modal to work, but i was wondering if its possible to create a link to one just with regular markup. I have a page that i would like to link to an existing form that is using the auto modal, but this link is on a page that isn't custom. I hate to enable the php input format, and i hate to have to create a custom page for it as well since its a page that is likely to be edited by admins quite a bit. Is it possible to include certain classes or markup on a regular HTML link that will trigger the jquery to fire the auto modal? thanks in advance for your time and for contributing this module!


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i'm interested in this too!

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my solution is using the l() function

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Short answer: no.

In order to work, ctools_automodal needs to override the page callback of the page being modalled. So in order to be able to modal any random page from HTML, it would have to modal every page on the site. While some hackery might be cooked up for this, not all pages support being modalled (pages with forms that's not the main page callback being one case), which would mean that the issue queue would be filled with people having problems with random modules.

Its purpose is to make it easy for developers to create modalled pages in their modules. Trying to make it to a generic modal-any-page module is a bit out of scope.