It would be good to remove the font declarations in formalize.css, such as font: bold 12px/1.2 Arial, sans-serif;. Even though I have a font declaration for body in global.css, formalize.css overrides it for some elements, and then I have to override those elements particularly. It makes it more difficult when using font-your-face for example, as it's not enough to use a font for body, but also for input[type="submit"] etc (both font-family, font-size and font-weight).


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This is done super easily

  1. admin/appearance/settings/(themename)
  2. "Toggle libraries"
  3. Uncheck "Formalize"

Now if you you are using Delta pages you have to go into each of them and do the same as they where made based off the setting you had at the time you made them

Edit I misunderstood you want formalize.css not formalize.js
I have reset the status below back to active

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Sorry I guess I misunderstood this so have reopened it.

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Add this CSS code to your template css file

button, input, textarea, select, optgroup {
  font: inherit !important;
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This is working fine according to provided comment [admin/appearance/settings/(themename), "Toggle libraries", Uncheck "Formalize" then save configuration]

If this is not working then also add the following css style in your css file under tags:

{font: inherit !important;}


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Status: Needs review » Closed (fixed)

So i guess this issue is fixed (closed)...