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MD5: c556e6de4b3d3e5451ee772d862bc516
SHA-1: 38a99c11f9e460747cfd7a661569ccb45f0d027e
SHA-256: af049435a2acf0b37ee0dd6ab33f11c722525c2335ab73efae1c6739809b49c1
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MD5: b9ed261d7e3a8c512f09c15a0957c495
SHA-1: 2087e046db86cff4201d681832b28304055b1cb7
SHA-256: a5d44d557329e9dd3146809606bdcf47842d86cc2d618daea34d87ed956ad9a5
Install with Composer: $ composer require 'drupal/devel:^1.3'
Using Composer to manage Drupal site dependencies

Release info

Created by: moshe weitzman
Created on: 5 Jun 2012 at 23:49 UTC
Last updated: 5 Feb 2014 at 21:23 UTC
Core compatibility: 7.x
Release type: New features, Bug fixes

Release notes

Changes since 7.x-1.2:

  • #1604654 by mr.baileys: Fixed Unnecessary output buffering in drupal_debug().
  • #1421882 by juampy: Allow the output of fn-view --pipe to be formatted for opening it with an editor
  • #1360630 by fester88: Turn harmless Drush FirePHP error into warning. (cherry picked from commit 4a835c8d2a967a728e4204a3e0f70e5f00e6eb18)
  • #1550896 by FluxSauce: Avoid an E_STRICT notice.
  • by salvis: Fix clearing the float in the Switch Users block. (cherry picked from commit 683f6b1032fc04d44dd4a8b1c53498e464beb7b5)
  • #1454142: Fix the dpq() description.
  • Fix ddebug_backtrace() to show the full stack. (cherry picked from commit c5f3e490446573b0c25c111e5c92c55b7e577424)
  • #1397188 by salvis: Add option to display machine names for permissions and modules. (cherry picked from commit 297d166f659695a002dd9b0b25b9abf9c6a42c30)
  • Allow ddebug_backtrace() to work under symbolic links. (cherry picked from commit 7917839eaf5d5bbb5f2ac86cc2c9c2365dafcd96)
  • #1396278 by wulff: Restore Variable Editor warning. (cherry picked from commit 6f59e2469aeba7b5b30bf1d1d82043d24eeb5800)
  • #1238344 by pcambra: Added Allow other modules to generate images for devel_generate().
  • #1326510 by salvis: Make backtrace options more flexible and add demonstration. (cherry picked from commit 76b85d583c3b8af11258c38d5b1552397604d466)
  • #1349288 by danielnolde: Fixed devel generate has to create paths for filefields.
  • #1343720 by eMPee584, salvis: Avoid unlinking the dot directories and remove obsolete reference. (cherry picked from commit 5c2be86329eb61e7ac2d794818feb9fbd4a3d417)
  • Fix the clearing of the CSS float and some other CSS tuning in the Switch User block. (cherry picked from commit 0074a82c431123db49cfe726f9d38c2e0b4d9c8b)
  • #1292294 by Pisco, cutesquirrel: Fixed Respect field translatability when generating content, otherwise it gets lost.
  • #1212658 by fgm: Avoid uselessly autoloading ChromePHP and FirePHP. (cherry picked from commit 0510e45fdb4d63927ce5df5b24db0e4a1e3d5825)
  • #763928 by TravisCarden: Change 'Max word length of...' to 'Max number of characters in...'. (cherry picked from commit dd181fca7e35686000ec344267fcc55fd6e1958f)
  • #1288674 by dereine: Fix saving the file names of generated files. (cherry picked from commit af1d620226591a0c928e8333600e07a943f28119)
  • #1163356 by jonathan1055, salvis: Add error handler option to display backtrace as well as standard message. (cherry picked from commit 76b18b6463572441b73768f2ba5f5f7a6c7b322f)
  • #1292230: Respect image height limits in devel_generate_image(). (cherry picked from commit 1aa92d1c6cd313679d392c7d78d792873520a91f)
  • #1277664 by Scyther, salvis: Fix documentation of devel_shutdown(), no functional change. (cherry picked from commit d3dafd50c90f52ddb25ff15085233f9d3684fb94)
  • #1277090 by Niklas Fiekas: Add Configure link for devel_generate. (cherry picked from commit 67457c4407db1860fb41e83e68ea46e26de2c9fc)
  • Fix ddebug_backtrace() and the traceback error handler. (cherry picked from commit 6f50eacbaa0af4877ca84c8cd020cc3933dd8082)
  • #908830 by salvis: Theme the Switch User block. (cherry picked from commit c374fcf2d1ecea3f06194b3f8e635069f9914905)
  • #1262694 by salvis: Make krumo string output pre-formatted. (cherry picked from commit e742103dedeea039f6f11e90059c39442e36391e)
  • More robust switch user.
  • Add missing change comment, no functional change. (cherry picked from commit b0b4a3122189cfdb9b52189bdcd74f4dc281a98b)
  • #1095306 by drzraf, salvis: Avoid a krumo crash. (cherry picked from commit 7d39249b56a719240b5c0aae356e388e78ed588a)
  • #1251936 by Kender: Fix porting error in drupal_uninstall_modules() call in devel_reinstall_submit(). (cherry picked from commit 0b376d4ef024a14e162f04646fc25cac4fef974e)
  • Highlight current user in Switch User list. (cherry picked from commit 40847daae17184353d256fee8f740675663ae540)
  • #1192616 by dvessel: Follow-up to fix two buglets in devel_krumo_path.js. (cherry picked from commit 5dcc55d909938f2bdd8dc8b38702d30969e34175)
  • #1226482 by smk-ka, salvis: Make dpm() and friends transparent. (cherry picked from commit ef2b419876e645e4654bd6c4f982eaf3fe555b3c)
  • #1192616 by DongIT, salvis: Make the Krumo element paths available for copy/pasting. (cherry picked from commit 0fb404ebd71e95895d8ae1bbec97bb7fd520a987)
  • #1237146 by duellj. Add flag for generated users .
  • #1228214: Fully qualify field parameter in SelectQuery::orderBy() calls. (cherry picked from commit 1e2ec92885e9e6b8e4481f535e2523fb037244e6)


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