Last updated December 11, 2012.

Important links:

Requests for promotion are located in the Case studies issue queue
Case study guidelines:
Management view of case study nodes:

If you need guidance, find Tezza in #drupalorg IRC channel.

How to review a case study for promotion to Featured section

1. Check if the site and case study meet requirements for Featured section. Make sure content of the case study follows the guidelines.

Tip: to check if the site is built with Drupal you can use

2. Leave a comment in the issue with your opinion: should the case study be promoted to Featured? Why or why not? How can it be improved?

Case study can be promoted once there is an agreement of at least 2 members of the content team. However all opinions and reviews are welcome as they will help team members to make the right decision.

If both the site and case study do not meet the requirements and there are at least 2 comments from the content team members stating that, issue can be set to "closed(won't fix)"

How to review Community case studies

1. Browse Community showcase or use management view.

a. If you found spam, either as a comment or in the text of case study - open an issue in the Webmasters queue.

b. If you found a case study which has too few (or no) descriptions and technical details, leave a comment suggesting authors to improve their case study and link to Case study guidelines. You might also suggest them to consider moving their post to forum.
If there is no response and improvement to case study in a week - open an issue in the Content queue. Poor quality case studies will be hidden and eventually deleted.

c. If you found a high quality case study which is a good candidate for Featured section - open an issue and nominate case study for promotion.

Contribute as a writer

There are various way for anyone to contribute as a writer:

  • Seek impressive examples of Drupal websites and encourage their owners to write a case study for
  • Write case studies for those sites whose owners can't do it themselves but agree to provide information
  • Be available for requests from community members to write a case study for their site

For more information on how to contribute as a writer contact tvn or lisarex.

Promoting/Hiding case studies

To promote case study to Featured section:
1. edit a case study and set "Status" field value to "Featured",
2. change "Authored on" date to the date of promotion,
3. select the revision box and note your actions in the log.
Do not check "Promote to front page" checkbox, Featured case studies appear in "Sites made with Drupal" block on the front page automatically.

To hide a case study (list of hidden case studies):
1. edit a case study and set "Status" field value to "Hidden",
2. select the revision box and note your actions in the log.