Receiving undefined variable errors originating in the Corolla subtheme after upgrade (drush) to 7.x-2.2. Using footheme (renamed as tam_custom) as default theme, subtheme of Corolla.
Added the theme registry rebuilding code to the template.php file in footheme which eliminated the errors. After removing the theme registry rebuilding code and clearing the cache, the errors are back.
Copied the site to
I've uploaded screenshots of the errors and the listing of the themes / versions
Everything was working before the upgrade. Any help will be greatly appreciated.

#3 themes1.jpg30.72 KBalan mccoll
themes.jpg25.14 KBalan mccoll
errors.jpg89.73 KBalan mccoll
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Posting the errors as code for others to find in the future

     Notice: Undefined variable: linked_site_logo in include() (line 11 of /home/whizzban/public_html/sandbox/sites/all/themes/corolla/templates/page.tpl.php).
    Notice: Undefined variable: linked_site_logo in include() (line 13 of /home/whizzban/public_html/sandbox/sites/all/themes/corolla/templates/page.tpl.php).
    Notice: Undefined variable: hide_site_name in include() (line 18 of /home/whizzban/public_html/sandbox/sites/all/themes/corolla/templates/page.tpl.php).
    Notice: Undefined variable: hide_site_name in include() (line 20 of /home/whizzban/public_html/sandbox/sites/all/themes/corolla/templates/page.tpl.php).
    Notice: Undefined variable: primary_local_tasks in include() (line 67 of /home/whizzban/public_html/sandbox/sites/all/themes/corolla/templates/page.tpl.php).
    Notice: Undefined variable: secondary_local_tasks in include() (line 77 of /home/whizzban/public_html/sandbox/sites/all/themes/corolla/templates/page.tpl.php).
    Notice: Undefined variable: unpublished in include() (line 4 of /home/whizzban/public_html/sandbox/sites/all/themes/corolla/templates/node.tpl.php).
    Notice: Undefined variable: unpublished in include() (line 4 of /home/whizzban/public_html/sandbox/sites/all/themes/corolla/templates/node.tpl.php).
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All those variables are set in preprocess in Adaptivetheme core, so for them to be undefined tells me something is wrong with your installation.

To have something like $primary_local_tasks undefined is telling me strait out that possibly a file is missing or corrupted from Adaptivetheme core - look to see if this file exists:


In there these variables are set, so unless your subtheme is unsetting them (which I assume you are not), then it should be working.

The fact that you said you can run a registry rebuilt on every page request and it works, then you turn it off and it stops working - this is telling me possibly that your cache tables are corrupt. Try clearing the cache tables in the database manually (do into the database and empty the cache tables).

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Project: AdaptiveTheme » Corolla
Component: Miscellaneous » Code
Category: bug » support
30.72 KB

Thanks for the ideas. I used the dev module > block > empty cache to clear the cache. Errors went away after a refresh. If I then clear the cache via Home » Administration » Configuration » Development » Clear All Caches button, the errors return.
The adaptivetheme/adaptivetheme/inc/ file is not there. I've redownloaded and extracted from both the zip and tar files and there is no file in the adaptive theme folder that I can find. The attached screenshot shows the contents.

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It should be , so its there.

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Issue tags: +omega theme

Maybe this will help:

I installed Omega Theme and create a Omega Subtheme in my page called Cierno. I put this subtheme as my default theme.

All was right until I wanted to create a subtheme of Seven to used it as my Administration Theme. I called it Seven2, I renamed all the template.php functions and configured the info.php file according to this link

Well It didnt work , drupal show me a lot of Undefined variable just like #1 and I had an strange behaviour because the html.tpl.php file used was one from Omega Theme instead of modules/system/html.tpl.php that is the normal tpl file used by Seven. Try the Devel Theme module to see what template file youre using.

I manage to fix it doing this:

  • I changed my admin theme and my main theme to bartik (just used another theme installed) . then uninstalled Omega , its subthemes and Seven2 theme. After doing that I installed again the Seven2 theme an put it as my admin module.Then AFTER installing Seven2 and see that it worked, I installed my Omega Subtheme and put it as my default theme. It worked but i forget that I delete the line base theme = Seven in my inf.php
  • Then I put that line to indicate Drupal that Seven2 is the subtheme of seven. It showed again some undefined variable error. But then reading again the instrucctions i saw that they need to put the name all in lower case. So i changed base theme = Seven to base theme = seven. And it worked!

So to resume all this, I suggest that you unistall your Adaptive Theme module and submodule. Install your freshly created submodule AND THEN install again your adaptive module, and dont forget about lower cases in your info.php file!.

Good luck

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Issue tags: -omega theme

Those tags I think should be reserved for those themes, cheers.

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This [#5] did not help for me.
I use footheme for creating subtheme for Corolla.
I tried install dev version for "AT" and all subthemes but this did not help me to.

Does anyone answer, If could solve this problem.

Thank You!

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alexd73 - can you tell me precisely what versions of each theme you are using, look on the Appearance list page to see the actual versions.

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Of course!

drush pml -l | grep Theme
 Core                        Bartik (bartik)                                                   Theme   Enabled        7.14              
 Core                        Garland (garland)                                                 Theme   Disabled       7.14              
 Core                        Seven (seven)                                                     Theme   Enabled        7.14              
 Core                        Stark (stark)                                                     Theme   Disabled       7.14              
 Прочие                      Antsin - BlogBuzz II (blogbuzz)                                   Theme   Disabled       7.x-1.0-rc2       
 Прочие                      AT Admin (adaptivetheme_admin)                                    Theme   Disabled       7.x-2.3           
 Прочие                      AT Core (adaptivetheme)                                           Theme   Disabled       7.x-2.3           
 Прочие                      AT Subtheme (adaptivetheme_subtheme)                              Theme   Disabled       7.x-2.3           
 Прочие                      Corolla (corolla)                                                 Theme   Enabled        7.x-2.2           
 Прочие                      itstheme (itstheme)                                               Theme   Enabled        7.x-2.0        

On each page I receive error:

Notice: Undefined variable: linked_site_logo в функции include() (строка 11 в файле /home/u2799/dist/d7/themes/corolla/templates/page.tpl.php).
Notice: Undefined variable: linked_site_logo в функции include() (строка 13 в файле /home/u2799/dist/d7/themes/corolla/templates/page.tpl.php).
Notice: Undefined variable: hide_site_name в функции include() (строка 20 в файле /home/u2799/dist/d7/themes/corolla/templates/page.tpl.php).
Notice: Undefined variable: primary_local_tasks в функции include() (строка 67 в файле /home/u2799/dist/d7/themes/corolla/templates/page.tpl.php).
Notice: Undefined variable: secondary_local_tasks в функции include() (строка 77 в файле /home/u2799/dist/d7/themes/corolla/templates/page.tpl.php).
Notice: Undefined variable: unpublished в функции include() (строка 4 в файле /home/u2799/domains/
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Jeff Burnz, Have you any thoughts about this?

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Jeff and all,
I found a solution. Not an easy one, but it worked.
I was unable to get any combination of adaptive theme, corolla and footheme to work without throwing the variable errors. What I did was download and install the latest dev versions of AT and Corolla. I copied and sub-themed Corolla. The hard part was transfering the custom css files and template files that I had made from the 7.x-2.2 Corolla template files. The editing of these files was not as difficult as I had thought, as most (if not all) of the selectors and divs and such in the template files were the same in 7.x-3.x-dev as they were in 7.x-2.2.
You can see the finished product here
For the record, I am using Drupal 7.14. Here is a list of theme info from Drush pm-list

Other      AT Core (adaptivetheme)          Theme   Disabled       7.x-3.0-rc6 
 Other      AT Subtheme                      Theme   Disabled       7.x-3.0-rc6 
            (adaptivetheme_subtheme)                                +1-dev      
 Other      Corolla (corolla)                Theme   Disabled       7.x-3.x-dev 
 Other      TAM Custom (tam)                 Theme   Enabled        7.x-3.x-dev 

Thanks for your work on these themes, Jeff. As I am not a programmer, you make my life much easier.

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Hmmm, this issue must be in Footheme, right?

Good write up Alan, nice job also.

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Hmmm, this issue must be in Footheme, right?

May be. But error in themes/corolla/templates/page.tpl.php also.

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I have similar issue in Sky theme: see

I believe that it is either a matter of adaptive theme or a matter of server settings. I suspect the latter due to the fact that I have no problems upgrading locally in my laptop and problems arise when I upgrade on the server.

Is there any chance that this issues are due to incompatibility?

Thank you in advance for your time,

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Lower case for subtheme name helped in my case also.
Thank you for advice!