I want to show a block on all pages of a pager. I specified the url:s in the block visibility settings but the block does not show.
Like this: medlemmar?page=1

Then I installed the module clean pagination. I let clean pagination change the pagination pages for the url varmlandskonstnarsforbund.se/medlemmar to medlemmar/1. When I specify in the block settings for a block to show on that page using "show only on listed pages", the block does not show.

I thought that the question mark was the problem and that module would help me solve the problem. Maybe Drupal still reads the original url with the question mark. Any ideas?

The block in question is a glossary - a view using glossary mode. You can see it showing on varmlandskonstnarsforbund.se/medlemmar but not on page 1, 2 and so on.


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Got a simular issue. seams like drupal does not support a questionmark in the url to be used in block visibility settings.

Looking for a workaround now...

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