Hi, on opening start page with a reinstalled MAMP...yes it was working fine till i decided to tinker with it......and unlike before non of the lights are green now....unless i change prts from 8888 and 8889 to something else.

I get the following message when opening start page from MAMP using 8888 and 8889:

Error: Could not connect to MySQL server!

I am using what seems to be an excellent tutorial from here:


(Rob Cottinghams: how to install drupal on your mac in 5 easy steps)

So yesterday when it was installed i followed his steps and created two databases an empty MySQl one for Drupal to use and a user account database...steps 3 and 4 in his tutorial basically....at this point all was good!...i did this twice just for practice, different names.

At point 5 things did not go as planned, my page said everything was working fine server wise, but did not allow me to do what the tutorial said i should be able to do after putting in the following url"


Just a static page with an affirming note regarding server status if memory serves me right.

NOT an option to:

"Fill in the information that Drupal asks for: MySQL as the database type, the name of the database (”droopy”, in this case), your user name and your password. Click the “Save” button."

I slept on it...2.30.a.m i thought yeh, not best idea to keep playing with this:

I had realised that one crucial area i possibly did not do correctly, and that was putting the Drupal folder in the htdocs folder and then starting MAMP up, MAMP was running while i did that....does that matter?

I am also not sure if the download i got, included the "installer" mentioned in the tutorial at the start...but maybe Drupal 5 already has that within it anyway, as i expected it would, the tutorial is a little old...months...but perhaps slightly out of date in that regard still.

So anyway i have gone and deleted all the MAMP files and application.......trashed the lot and forced the thing to trash when some files would not go....think i screwed up right HERE!

Then i realised i had not deleted the databases from the MAMP folders...remember i created two just learning the method as described in the tutorial i was using....so unsure where they are kept......of course i deleted them anyway, but maybe i could just fool MAMP by replicating a few files where they should be and then altering or deleting them when MAMP works on the right server ports 8888 and 8889.....or am i WELL confused here, would that simply not solve the issue!?

So now when i have re-installed MAMP i do not get healthy green lights but ominous RED and the message:

Error: Could not connect to MySQL server!

When i try to "open start page" from inside MAMP application.

I am totally new to all this and no idea where to go to sort, i have googled the problems looked on here and in manuals for MAMP and on elsewhere to no avail...

HELP please,

Thanks in advance to anyone who can shed some light on this problem.


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I have just set my server ports to a nominal 1111 and 1112 and have successfully got drupal up and running...now the fun and real strife begins i guess!

This post maybe useful for a new person like me, to not worry too much about the port settings of 8888 and 8889, think they are the default ones used and i imagine fine to set different ones up to work on, think my previous deletion of my MAMP application and all its content folder, screwed up the settings even after a new installation and when it looked for the two databases in 8888 and 8889 that i set up (see above) there were no files or routes to these so nothing started up, love to know if im right with that as its just an (un)educted guess really.

obvioulsy the http://localhost:8888. will now be http://localhost:1111., well it all worked so far, and will keep up to date as a record if anything happens untoward.