I have reset my them to have the 2 sidebars move to the right at 25% each. This is working very well on my computer in the house. Theme displays very well. I am using Firefox 10 and IE8. All is displaying well on my computer.

BUT I decided to check my site at the local computer centre and everything has gone to pieces. The sidebars have returned one to left and one to right (default display). The whole site has gone to pieces.
They are using the same browser as I have in the house. IE8 and Firefox 11.

What is causing this?


#2 IE8.JPG60.41 KBibexy
#2 Chrome.JPG49.47 KBibexy
#2 Firefox.JPG54.63 KBibexy
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Impossible for me to say, I am not sitting in your local computer center. Site looks fine for me on FF12, Chrome 19, even IE8.

One thing I noticed is your site is very slow to serve its CSS and JS files, so you might want to turn on CSS and JS aggregation and all caches to speed the site up.

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Title: Them does not recognise settings » Theme does not recognise settings
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Thanks for your time and advice. Really appreciate it.

I have uploaded a screenshot of the distorted display I got from the cafe. Situation remains the same. Despite setting the 2 sidebars to the right with sidebar1 bigger than side bar 2, everything resets to default (1 sidebar to each side and same size)

I have attached screen shots for IE8, Chrome 19.0.1084.52, Firefox

I got a few friends to load the site from their locations. The results were mixed. For some it was fine. For others they got the distorted appearance.

Back at home on my system, setting are fine. The 2 sidebars are exactly how I set them. At home am using IE9, Firefox 11, I cant remember the chrome ver but its fine too.

Could there be some browser settings that is causing this problems?

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