Thank you for the great module! Everything works nice, but I have one small problem. I have some url aliases and when I use these in the path based tab the meta information is not added to my page. For example
news/ is an alias of taxonomy/term/1
When news/ is added then the metadata is not added, but when I change the url to taxonomy/term/1 then the metadata is shown

Can this be fixed so that I can add the alias instead of the Drupal url? Thank in advance


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Module always takes into account internal path (taxonomy/term/1), but not an alias
Do you see tags if you go to news, not news/?

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I'm sorry but I don't follow what you mean? Does it not work with url aliases? There is a link at the bottom of every view where you can add the meta tags for the path you are on at the moment, do you mean that link won't work?

I'm asking since I can't get Path-Based Metatags to work either, I have custom templates and also a multilingual site…

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Internally, metatags_quick uses internal paths.
Yet, they must be displayed on both internal (taxonomy/term/1) and aliased (news) pages.
Note though, that drupal does not allow aliases to have trailing slash (i.e. news/).
If you go to news/ and press on path-based meta-tags, chances are that tags will be linked to non-existing path alias.
Try to enter tags from news, not from news/ page.

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Please ignore my previous comment. You need to use regular (not path-based) meta tags for taxonomy terms