how hard would be to make a column on the right hand side too?
can it just be added in .css the same way the left one is?
i'm a newbie. help if you can :)



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i'd also like a second right hand column. Please post your modifications if you get around to it.

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To do this, you have to:

-Duplicate the .leftcolumn sections in style.css
-Increase the .main width (ie +245px to accommodate for the new column)
-Change page.tpl.php by adding a new div for column_right, after the 'center' div

After the above changes, I have a new right hand column with some blocks added to it. It looks OK, but i have one problem I haven't been able to figure out yet. The blocks appear at the bottom of the page, below the center section, instead of starting at the top below the header. Does anyone have any suggestions on how to fix this?

I know this isn't the best place to ask :) But wanted to pass on my comments on how easy it is to modify the theme (to my surprise!).


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thanks d0t101101 - i'll keep an eye on this thread and will experiment myself and let you know...

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In page.tpl.php, I copied the sidebar_right div to be JUST below sidebar_left. The sidebars are now drawn in the right location, but the center column is dropped below the new right sidebar :(

So it seems there is a # of columns setting somewhere that I am not seeing. If anyone can shed some light on how to add a 3rd column the right way, i'd appreciate it.


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My problem was the width.... Had to reduce the rightcolumn/leftcolumn widths from 215px to 210px. Now all 3 columns appear correctly.

Great job on this theme Garamond! Garland is also one of my favs. Just a suggestion, but a 3 column liquid version of Abac would be superb :D


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Small correction - its better to leave leftColumn with a width of 215px so it doesn't throw off the center elsewhere. And when changing the main width (from 700px to say 980px), you need to replace the heada and headb widths to match.