Why Drupal was chosen: 

Because of its flexibility, its vision, community and high number of available modules.
It`s simply the best CMS!

Describe the project (goals, requirements and outcome): 
Been there? Done that? Create your personal world map!

Tag all of your favorite places on earth and share it with your friends.

The intention of whami.com is to enable users to create a personal world map of their personal hightlights and share it with their friends. Try it on www.whami.com ...

There are several areas where requirements for whami.com needed to be fulfilled. The main requirements were:
- a strong module for displaying maps
- module for capturing user stories
- an image uploader
- a "timeline" functionality
- posting to Facebook

Final notes:
whami.com is developing pretty quickly. User numbers are growing continously. The usage of Drupal 6 turned out to be the right decision, although the initial barrier to get started was very high. See you soon on www.whami.com ...

Why these modules/theme/distribution were chosen: 

As a basis for the development of whami.com Drupal 6 was used. The "pixture reloaded" theme was used as a starting point for the layout.

For the map display and the capturing of geotags several modules were evaluated and the Mapstraction CCK module was chosen because of its flexibility. whami.com sponsored some additional development which become part of the standard module afterwards (for example the Autocomplete functionality of the Geocoder).

The CK-Editor was chosen for the user story part of whami.com.

The image uploader turned out to be a difficult thing. There was the requirement to be able to upload multiple images at the same time. At the time when whami.com was developed, none of the "free" modules turned out either to be able to do this or to be stable enough to be used. So the commercial Aurigma Image Uploader was chosen.

For the "timeline" functionality the heartbeat module was chosen, which turned out to be a good choice.

The login with Facebook and posting to Facebook requirement was fulfilled by the "Drupal for Facebook"-module.

- Login toboggan
- Multistep
- Rules
- Views
- Token
- Faceted search
- Flag
- Geo
- Imagecache
- Messaging
- i18n
- Panels
- User relationships
- Userpoints
- Voting
- Fivestar
- User Badges
- Lightbox2
- Taxonomy menu
- Captcha
- Search by page
- Messaging
- Display suite
- Date
- Custom search
- Chaos Tool suite

Community contributions: 

whami source adapter: http://drupal.org/node/1413480
Sponsoring of Mapstraction CCK: http://drupal.org/project/mapstraction_cck


Seb_CKSource’s picture

Thanks for choosing CKEditor! But CKFinder (CKEditor's file transfer application) does have bulk image uploading. Just select "Browse Server" then "Upload" in the "Image Info" section.