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MD5: 274f19fdde03c85bab9ebfdd75121f01
SHA-1: a6906cf21818e1d95c736b1c58355ad733266667
SHA-256: f2e9812224c62b0498b634e8f6c9de97cc6b30c1a771480d772c1f0e6d0604ee
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MD5: af8d6ff91055214b1e37fe7e44cf4109
SHA-1: 601b54ee28f00be267bb59121ef0b5746d9e387d
SHA-256: 7e30d4fd5c97679c8f56b9bd753a3db62ad77bbe54c6f35e01b7755dad4487f5
Install with Composer: $ composer require 'drupal/og:^2.0'
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Release info

Created by: amitaibu
Created on: 31 May 2012 at 06:50 UTC
Last updated: 31 May 2012 at 06:51 UTC
Core compatibility: 7.x
Release type: New features, Bug fixes

Release notes

This release depends on Entityreference RC3

Changes since 7.x-2.0-alpha2:

  • #1512340 by azinck : Fixed viewing group content causes wsod for users with no permissions.
  • #1565546 by pgillis, SebCorbin: OG User Roles (OGUR) upgrade path.
  • #1588826 by azinck: Fixed og_get_default_roles() doesn't properly 'sum' roles provided via hook_og_default_roles().
  • #1585364: Ship OG-example with Message notify.
  • Change tag of View to 'og'.
  • #1541672 by itamar, Amitaibu: Fixed Don't check 'create' access in OgSelectionHandler::buildEntityFieldQuery().
  • Don't hard code field-name in og_ui_field_access().
  • Wrong variable name in og-perm access plugin.
  • Initialize values to prevent WSOD, on certain cases of clear cache.
  • #1543808 by bulldozer2003, Amitaibu: Fixed og_memberships() are not being removed upon entity deletion.
  • #1556056 reported by killerpoke: og_get_all_group() throws error if OG_GROUP_FIELD doesn't exist.
  • #1547014 by itamar, Amitaibu | KarenS: Remove Global permissions.
  • #1545490 by rbrandon: Fixed OG has an unlisted dependency on text.
  • #1483916 by Moo64c, Amitaibu: Add 'language' property to OG's entities.
  • #1542470 by Simon Georges: Fixed PHP Fatal error: Unsupported operand types in og_field_attach_form()
  • #1539974 by Amitaibu | tim.plunkett: Add more complete docs for OG states (e.g. OG_STATE_ACTIVE)
  • #1519702 by jrao, Amitaibu: Prevent deletion of group membership from inaccessible groups.
  • #1524480 by bulldozer2003: Added Allow strict permissions check.
  • #1421422 by g089h515r806 | mradcliffe: Port Rules integration to 7.x-2.x.
  • Prevent WSOD if secondary field is referencing a deleted field.
  • Prevent notice in og_form_group_manager_validate() when editing field settings.
  • #1456356 reported by g089h515r806, aasarava : Make sure to load faux field values, to allow pathauto to work properly.
  • Move "OG members admin" view to OG-UI, and add a Views area handler that provides group overview (e.g. name of group manager, total number of members, etc'.)
  • Change 'Group roles and permissions' field widget to be a select list.
  • Pass correct group ID to 'Modify OG user roles' VBO action.
  • #1499506 reported by DruDoc: Can't add new group role to an overriden group.
  • Remove unused varaible from og_entity_presave().
  • #1490118 by mradcliffe: Added Friendlier action text.
  • Add dependency on entity reference repopulate module for OG example.
  • Remove obsolete relationship, in OG example.
  • #1498322 by feqma: Fix typo in module name, in OG context table.
  • Remove obsolete code from Views data.
  • Fix access to role view in case role isn't a global role (i.e. gid isn't 0), but it doesn't match the given role.
  • Add "No results" text to "OG members admin" View.
  • Remove obsolete IF in CTools relationship plugin.
  • Make "Url" context negotation dependency on Entity reference prepopulate module more visible.
  • Prevent notice when admins creates a new user.
  • Fix wrong replacement argument in property label.
  • #1488856 reported by dubenko: Fix notice on node create for non-privileged user.
  • #1491826 by g089h515r806: Fixed the path appendeds extra args when submiting VBO action.
  • #1490646 by Amitaibu: Prevent exception if user try to create group, withouht group audience.
  • Prevent notice in 'People' View page.
  • Fix minor typo in comment.
  • Rename 'not recommended' to 'best matching ' in field formatter.
  • Check "Subscribe to group" belongs to correct entity type and bundle.
  • Remove outdated functions from reset OG cache.
  • Use correct context in og-example for View pane.
  • Fix typo in exception message.
  • #1488562 by Amitaibu: Fixed Validate secondary fields also on new entity
  • Fix failing test.
  • Return FALSE, if user has no groups, in Views argument.
  • Add missing lines from last commit.
  • Re-export "node create link" from og-example.
  • Improve og_node_create_links() to check entityreference-prepopulate is enabled in the instance.
  • Prevent notice, as wrapper returns a list of og-membership.
  • Add different group-audience to user, so they can be configured differently from content.
  • Prevent notice, if field is hidden in form.
  • Hide secondary field by default.
  • #1482562 by Amitaibu | jgraham: Fixed Error when trying to og_group(), if user has no access to field.
  • #1427960 by bulldozer2003 | jaypark: Fixed pre_render() compatibility.
  • #1471990 by bulldozer2003: Fixed Discrepancy in og.api.php documentation for hook_user_access_alter().
  • #1478526: When entity is saved, the group audience field are not up-to-date, as hook_field_load() isn't invoked.
  • Use og_create_field() to add group audience fields in OG-example.


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