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Sorry for reposting - but since i could get no answer from #nodestream / or the group i thought i'd try here.

Is it possible have a frontpage with multiple Topics, holding multiple regions. And category pages with Topics, and regions different from the ones on the front page?

For some reason it seems impossible to render content in the Taxonomy/term page, when trying to attach a View pane, other than the default "Topic listing" (ns_prod_news_topic) provided by NS. (content: Region) - Even an excact copy of "Topic listing" (ns_prod_news_topic) does not provide the desired terms.

Creating dynamic formatters/mini panels for the default vocabulary: "ns_prod_news_topic_region" is no problem. But I cant seem to replicate the logic onto pages other than the front page.

Am i going about this the wrong way?


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You could possibly modify the topic listing view so that it takes a "taxonomy terms" context instead of just one term. You would have to create different mini panels as well though as they are designed to just take in one term, but that's the only way I can come up with to come close to the solution you are describing.

You could then ditch the region vocabulary and possibly just put your regions as children under a particular topic and have one large hierarchical structure.