Hello. I want to use drupal chat for support chat. But Anonymous users can chat together. I want Anonymous users only can chat with support role.


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Do you want that in online user list only support role users should be present?

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Hello. Yes that's right.

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Thanks for the update.

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Thanks for your response. But i don't understand what you said.

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Sorry, I meant that I do plan to introduce this functionality. Thanks.

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The UR module works well for a support/customer chat if the customer already has an account, but it does not work with anonymous users as soon as you add a UR role to drupal chat module, drupal chat will not show up for anonymous users. Not quite sure if this is a duplicate of https://drupal.org/node/966922 or if that issue is unrelated? We have installed the sessionAPI, and it works without UR module.

As a use case, we are looking to let both authenticated users, and anonymous users chat with a "support" user as the only user(s) in their friend list. We do not want authenticated/anonymous uses to be able to see each other at all, which is our main issue with integrating drupal chat.

If you have some way to work around this anonymous user issue, we would much appreciate any resolution to this issue you might know of? In the mean time, we will only allow chat for authenticated users in this fashion.


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I'm looking forward to this functionality as well. In a support setting, users should only see 'support' users and be able to message them.

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I just submit a patch which can Restrict a normal user only chat to support who has the permission of administer drupalchat.

Please check it here if the patch is match your case.

#2349797: Restrict a normal user only chat to support who has the permission of administer drupalchat