I have taken down this post as it contains outdated links. The project is complete.


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You might notice the form at http://new.easyturf.com/node/146 is incomplete. I would like you to continue to add the fields for me.


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LiquidCMS specializes in Drupal custom modules and customizing of existing Drupal modules. We use the webform module already on one of our sites with a few minor customizations and have done numerous customizations to the survey module (very similar to webform).

To check out some of the work we have recently done which includes drupal customization on over 20 modules. Please check out http://www.liquidcms.ca/puggit - NOTE: we are in the process of moving servers, if the link is not active it should be available as soon as DNS updates go through.

Peter Lindstrom
LiquidCMS - Content Management Solution Experts