Hi there - I'm setting Access control for my site, and if I un-check "Administer Filters" under Access control, it removes the link to edit the biography in the User's Profile.

Is there anyway to change this? I don't think it's a good idea to give my non-admin end users the ability to change the configuration of input formats just so that they can see edit their Biographies - seems like a bug to me, but may be a conflict too?

Thanks for you input, much apreciated! So sorry, if I missed a post on this before.



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Had the same problem. Here's what I found as I worked around it.

Setting "Administer Filters" access control to authenticated users allowed user editing - unacceptable solution for me.

User editing was allowed when I took "Administer Filters" access control away from authenticated users and set "Full HTML" as the default input format.

Tried a custom input filter set exactly as "Full HTML" but it didn't work.

Final work around was to modify "Full HTML" to filter the HTML I needed. This worked even though an identical custom filter didn't.

Note that when I first set up Bio, I was defaulting to "Full HTML". I later changed it to a custom filter. I don't know when it actually stopped allowing users to edit the Bio because I was working under a privileged user account the whole time. A user eventually noticed that they couldn't edit their Bio.

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What I've noticed is that the Admin Filter will not allow users to edit a page that contains PHP or FULL HTML if they do not have access to that input format type.

Sounds like you might have had either PHP or FULL HTML in the body of your bio page?

I don't know, maybe this was a 5.0 issue... i'm using 6.0. Also I'm not testing this on "bio" pages, just on any page/story.

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Wow. this does happen in 6. it is a crazy little thing and makes sense once you find out what is going on. from the permissions page it is not very clear that admin filters is the option for input formats.