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This article refers only to Drupal D6 and below. Please do not read this if you are building in D7 or D8.
This module is End of Life with D6. There has been no development of subsequent D7 branch, and there is no D8 activity.

Event Repeat enables the creation of repeating events for node types that are event-enabled.

Event Repeat's pattern creation was largely modeled on the iCal RRULE specification. At this time, it should support all RRULE parameters, with the following exceptions:

  • Recurrance periods less than DAILY
  • BYDAY declarations greater than 5 and less than -5 (ex. 20th Monday of the year is not supported). Other similar patterns can be built that should approximate this capablity.
  • BYSETPOS parameter.

For more information on how to create repeat sequences, visit Administer >> Help >> Eventrepeat after installation.


It is assumed that you have Drupal up and running. Be sure to check the Drupal web site if you need assistance. If you run into problems, you should always read the INSTALL.txt that comes with the Drupal package and read the online documentation.

Note: Backing up your database is a very good idea before you begin!

  1. Place the Event Repeat package into your Drupal modules/ directory.
  2. Enable the Event Repeat module by navigating to: Administer >> Site building >> Modules. Note: you must also install and enable the event module, as Event Repeat depends upon it!
  3. Click the 'Save configuration' button at the bottom to commit your changes.
  4. Configure the options for the module under Administer >> Site Configuration >> Repeating events. More on this below.
  5. In order for repeating events to be created for a node type, you must first configure that node type to be enabled for repeating events. Enable the node types that you wish to allow repeating events for under Administer >> Content management >> Content types. While you're in the configuration settings screen, also make sure that the node type is set to be visible in the event calendar. Otherwise Event Repeat will not work properly on that node type. You might want to create a new content type if it seems appropriate.
  6. To enable users to create repeat events, set the 'create repeat events' permission for all applicable roles. This can be found at Administer >> User management >> Access control.
  7. You must have Cron running on your site (and be calling your Drupal cron.php page) for Event Repeat to work properly, and it's suggested that the Cron runs happen at least twice a day, especially if a lot of events are veing created.


The settings for the Event Repeat module are found at Administer >> Site Configuration >> Repeating events. Note: On some themes, the "Repeating Events" item in the Site configuration menu comes out at the very bottom rather than in alphabetical order.

I'm not going to discuss all the settings here, as some should be self-evident.

...To be continued.

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