I've seen this done on some sites before so I know it's possible...

Would it be possible to display products as a grid (say, 4 across and 6 down) rather than line by line?


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Totally possible, but not out of the box. The default theme function for Ubercart catalog pages uses the list view. However you can override this in your theme to display the products however you want. I believe the function to override would be theme_uc_catalog_products(), but you can always catch Lyle in the forums if you have more questions. This does require PHP knowledge.

A couple examples come to mind... Blankstyle catalog, artez'n catalog

Current Drupal project: http://www.ubercart.org

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Well, a quick update. Community members have submitted these two:

1) A contribution outlining how to achieve a product grid in Views - Contrib 95, Contrib 96

(This post was edited due to a recent server crash at Ubercart. The URLs on our site are all different now...)

Current Drupal project: http://www.ubercart.org

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It's even easier than having to put together a view. Try one of these two options.

Catalog Grid for Ubercart
Blockify for Ubercart

I haven't tried Catalog Grid yet, but here's an example of a site (not quite finished with it) where I've recently used Blockify.
Latinoche Clothing powered by Ubercart

Mark Zabala
TLR New Media

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I've added several additions to the uc_catalog.module that have been admited to core and next version (now in bazaar) have them. Now we have a grid view configurable with (columns) and height (lines) and even new blocks for "Special offers" and "Best sellers", completelly configurable (title, help, lines), both may appear on catalog page or as drupal blocks to be placed anywhere on your site. Even compatibility with panels have been tested in order to be able to place those new blocks and even the catalog top categories view in whichever combination you may require. Have a look at:


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Very nice :)

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Can you tell me what is the way to do now ?