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Inge Christopher grew tired of their flash based, outdated website. Updating it was a pain, and they wanted a new website that would reflect the changing brand image, and allow them to bring the majority of content management in-house without having to hire a dedicated website guru. Enter Drupal 7. The new website is built in Drupal with major contributions of Drupal Commerce and a variety of other value added modules to improve the performance, functionality, and user experience. The end result is an elegant online retail store, with robust product management.

Why Drupal was chosen: 

Over the last few years we have become more specialized in building websites on the Drupal platform. Drupal 7 offers a wide variety of available add-ons that allow any website to be highly configurable to the specific needs of each project. It also creates an excellent backbone for integrating unique and breathtaking designs with a simple yet powerful administrative interface. The end result is a website that your visitors will love, and your content managers will find easy to use and update.

Why these modules/theme/distribution were chosen: 

Drupal Commerce offers a fantastically well rounded ecommerce addition to the Drupal family. With excellent leveraging of the views module, it offers tremendous customization while remaining robust in its functionality. allows for easy credit card processing. The shipping module is a must for collecting and managing customer shipping information. The CKEditor module is necessary to allow all those content managers with little to no html experience to add and modify site content to their heart's content.

Team members: 


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Very nice website and thank you for choosing CKEditor! You made the right choice. :)