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I just installed Menu-block 7.2.3 on my Drupal 7.12 and on the main domain http://wsen.org everything looks fine. Since I run Domain Access to handle specific settings for the sub domain http://2012.wsen.org I have the option to enable that specific menu-block for both, one or none domains. First I configured the menu-block for the main domain successfully, then checked the box to activate it also on the sub domain. Sadly, it doesn't show up there at all (even when I enable the primary links so that it should definitively show up).
Besides the general Domain Access I use Domain Blocks to configure the domain-wide visibility of blocks and that worked well so far.

Any idea if it's your module that is responsible for this behavior?

Thanks a lot


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Category: bug » support
Status: Active » Closed (cannot reproduce)

Ken Rickard is the maintainer of Domain Access. At Palantir, he and I work together and have used menu_block and domain access together many, many times.

Usually, the problem is that Domain Access is tricky to configure. Menu block can sometimes be tricky, but not as complex as DA. Good luck!

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Some months ago, the blocks appeared everywhere without doing anything special.
Thanks for your comment though: :)